BrooklynRowHouse updated

Posted by Steve on Tue, 12/25/2012 - 12:07pm

While there have been no home improvements to talk about lately at BrooklynRowHouse, mostly due to a terrific trip to Europe this summer followed by a broken ankle I suffered in a motorcycle accident in early fall, the site has undergone a major upgrade to Drupal 7.  While the site looks substantially the same as the old one, it's an entirely new theme/templating system (Omega) which it is claimed degrades better on pads and smartphones.

As a result of the upgrade however, most of the old comments are gone.  So if you see yours missing, no offense.  Mine went with them.

The broken ankle has reprioritized what needs to be done next here, the first of which is to add a !#%@ railing to the basement stairs.  I didn't do this before to make it easier to haul cabinets and so forth upstairs from the basement shop.  However, as anyone who's been on crutches knows, a sturdy stair railing isn't just a safety item.  It's essential for gimps like me to use them with crutches.  Because I didn't have one, the only way for me to get to the basement was to leave my house and access it via the garage.

Also promoted way up the list is a grab rail for the shower.  I was bathing with baby wipes for weeks because I lacked one.

Anyway, here's a pic which I call "The Two Dogs".