The Mystery of the Vanishing Paint Brushes

Posted by Steve on Tue, 02/06/2007 - 10:59pm

I thought I was suffering from early dementia. Over the several months of this bedroom renovation I've lost a bunch of paint brushes. I'd clean them and stick them... hell, I don't know where. I just couldn't find them again.  At least four reasonably new paint brushes were missing.  What was even stranger is that several paint brushes that I thought I'd stored in my basement shop two flights down were also missing.  Just the good ones with the soft bristles. 

I found them today, laying on the floor at the rear of my new closet. I know I didn't put them there. With all the construction crap that was stuffed in there, the only life forms that could get back there are my two cats and maybe one of my two dogs. Or maybe a poltergeist screwing with me.

The reason I found them is because my new closet doors arrived from

I was originally going to build those doors myself but with real-world work demands approaching "life sucking" I decided to outsource. I've bought from InteriorDoors before. They do excellent work at a reasonable price. I usually order blank doors from them but this time I decided to buy them pre-hung. I'm glad I did. At this stage of advancing renovation burn-out it was worth the extra two hundred bucks not to have to spend a day mortising and hanging two incredibly heavy oak doors. As it is, I probably won't have time to hang them till this weekend.

The total cost of these two 18" doors, with shipping and hardware, was $641.

Thankfully, the new Drupal software seems solid. But just to make sure I kept my nose glued to the logs this afternoon looking for anything amiss. I was really impressed with all the traffic I was getting until I did some reverse DNS checks on those IPs. 90% of the traffic was search engine bots spidering my site! First googlebot, then Inktomi, then At one point I had five "guests" showing on the blog and all of them were bots!

It's kinda creepy in a way.


that sounds very creepy...*shudder*

Love your rowhouse and really enjoy keeping up with your progress :)

Posted by Steve on

This morning I heard one of the animals whacking around something, came out of my office and caught Trixie (the grey striped cat) dragging a paint brush upstairs. I think it's her maternal instinct. She's treating the paint brushes like her kittens, even setting up a nest for them.

What's even funnier, she's not satisfied with just the paint brushes in the bedroom. She's started bringing them upstairs from the basement shop, where I keep them in a large coffee can.

Posted by John A. (not verified) on

Phew! That's a relief. I was thinking it was my wife -- she keeps moving all my stuff, and I was afraid she was branching out.