We have a winner

Posted by Steve on Sun, 08/17/2008 - 11:45pm

Yesterday was a rough one for me. For those who keep up to date here (there are a few of you and I really appreciate it), you know why.

But today was a new day and, in a weird way, I figured I owed it to my buddy Chopper to get this place one step closer to completion. After all, this was his home too. So I returned (again) to the stained glass. While I have five stained glass projects ahead of me, at least the design of ONE of them is finally locked in. What did that take me? Sixteen months? I can't wait to post about the completion of this project, presuming blogs are still around in 2015.

A lot of the credit for settling on the design goes to the folks on Old House Web forums and to a couple of people on the forum at Brownstoner.com. I was reaching the point of cognitive overload, scratching my head about whether stained glass even worked for that cabinet. I was getting ready to slap a couple of sheets of plywood in those doors until one of the OHW users, probably tired of reading my bellyaching about it, took one of the designs and 'shopped it into a photo of that cabinet.

Pretty slick, eh? Why didn't I think of doing that? I was blown away by how he got the aspect of the glass correct but he's an art director for a television station so he probably spends his whole day in Photoshop blurring out license plates and obscuring the faces of mob witnesses. That picture sold me. That was the design.

Color-wise though, something didn't look right about it. It was the green. While it looks great in context with the cabinet, there's no green anywhere else in the room and I've been kinda hardcore about wanting to have just two main colors in the master bedroom: the stained oak, which is repeated in the floor and furniture, and the wedgewood blue, which is repeated in the window shades and (soon) the duvet cover on the bed. So I went back to GlassEye and my trusty ColorPic utility and tried to make it so it wouldn't introduce a new color pallette to the room. I still like the first cabinet rendition a little better by itself but I'm thinking "big picture" here.

Here was my considerably less skillful rendering of the same design, different colors. I think the original colors work best with the cabinet but these work best in context with the room they'll be living in. Or maybe I'm full of shit. Incidentally, the white glass isn't white. It's opaque clear glass. That's just how it renders in GlassEye.

Got your own opinion? I added a poll to the right side navigation menu.

Anyway, I printed out the base template, cut template and the materials list. All I have to do is hit Albert Stained Glass in Park Slope to get started on it.

The glass bandsaw will be delivered tomorrow so I'm looking forward to playing with a new tool, which reminds me that I need a new diamond grinder replacement.

I need to be careful with my finances for the next few months though because even though Chopper didn't make it, his vet bills are still very much alive: almost $6,000. Does anyone else remember when vet bills, and dentist bills for that matter, used to be almost out of pocket? What's next? $500 chiropractic adjustments?

I think I need to hit a kill shelter this week and rescue an orange kitten. I'll probably never find another cat with Chopper's personality but I can try.

Talk about it the Stained Glass Forum.


"Kill Shelter" What an oxymoron! But in opposition to "No-Kill Shelter" it makes sense. Definitely adopt another orange kitten. Adopt two!

I feel for you in losing your friend. Having gone through that myself many times, it's never easy.

On another note, I like the blue version, but don't like the tan color glass. Why not some bevel cuts or a clear blue and a milky blue?