HomeOwnersLike.Us updated.

Posted by Steve on Mon, 12/15/2008 - 12:13am

The home improvement blog community website, HomeOwnersLike.Us, which I've been working on as a public alpha test for a client, has been updated. Actually, for all practical matters, it's been completely rebuilt.

You know how when you have a table with one short leg and you cut a little off the long leg, then the other side gets wobbly? That's what it was like trying to pull the old RSS aggregation engine out of the software so I could insert the new one. So much for modular coding. Feh.

But it had to be done because the old one was flaky with Blogspot Atom feeds. Besides, the new aggregator will become the standard RSS feed engine for the next version of Drupal, due to be released in a few months.

Now that I've lost 95% of you with technical squirrel chatter, lemme 'splain what this site is about. It lets you set up a "home page" which you can style with optional banners and a photograph, sorta like I did with Brooklyrowhouse's feed: http://www.homeownerslike.us/node/141.

Under your homepage is a list of your ten most recent blog articles. Under that are comments and questions from other users. The homepage isn't all that exciting now but I'm mulling over some interesting ideas for it. Some are more applicable to health care nonprofits than DIY types but a couple involve keyword social networking between blogs which could be fun.

Even though HomeOwnersLike.Us was set up to test software eventually intended for a health care audience, it's been getting a lot of hits. A startup commercial home improvement site contacted me this weekend with a partnering offer.

If you host a home improvement blog, please give it a try and send me feedback.