BrooklynRowHouse updated

Posted by Steve on Tue, 12/25/2012 - 12:07pm

While there have been no home improvements to talk about lately at BrooklynRowHouse, mostly due to a terrific trip to Europe this summer followed by a broken ankle I suffered in a motorcycle accident in early fall, the site has undergone a major upgrade to Drupal 7.  While the site looks substantially the same as the old one, it's an entirely new theme/templating system (Omega) which it is claimed degrades better on pads and smartphones.

Man, I love technology!

Posted by Steve on Thu, 12/18/2008 - 11:38pm

Karen and I gave each other new T-Mobile G1 wireless phones for Christmas this week. My old (2002) ATT Nokia accidentally drowned when I dropped it in the sink a few days ago. Since I was fed up with ATT's relentless price gouging and had planned to fire them as my wireless provider anyway it was off to Costco to seal the deal with T-Mobile and this cool phone I'd been reading about.

For those who don't read the techie consumer fan sites like the G1 is sorta like T-Mobile's answer to the iPhone but with a major twist. Its Android operating system "engine" was built by Google which means that there's a terrific bundling of Google's suite of killer apps on the phone. This isn't intended as a review of the G1. There are tons of those on the web, including an excellent overview here.

This is about one of the many unique features on this phone which only the crazy kids at Google could have built, Shop Savvy, and which could save you a bundle with your home improvement purchasing. Shop Savvy lets you do real time price comparison shopping while you're on the road.

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