No brag intended.

Posted by Steve on Fri, 05/15/2009 - 12:40am

A couple of weeks ago one of my stained glass designs was picked for the Dragonfly Design of the Month, May 2009.

I don't consider myself an artist in the visual sense so I was kind of embarrassed by the attention and decided to keep it to myself. But I wanted to publicly thank Michael Wilk, president of Dragonfly, for the honor. So here it is. I know I probably wasn't the most cooperative candidate he's dealt with.

I also wanted to give a plug to Michael's Glass Eye 2000 stained glass design software. Believe me, if it can make a graphically challenged person like me create a nice looking design, someone with real talent will be able to do amazing things with it.

One more announcement. I've been blogging for Old House Web for the past couple of months -- my first paid blogging gig! Unfortunately, I've been neglecting my own.

So I also wanted to apologize to readers of this blog for the lapses in posting here. I've been very busy with Childrens Health Fund the past couple of months and it's looking like it will get even busier as I've been assigned a new childhood nutrition project. Fortunately for the kids, I won't be teaching them my personal food groups (Cheetos, General Tsos, Diet Pepsi and margaritas) but building the software.

However, my next project really, really will be to start constructing some of these stained glass designs. Really.


Posted by jennie (not verified) on

your design is great.
my husband and I just moved out to Bay Ridge in November. I had started reading your blog, before we started looking out there and it has been very helpful.