DIY For the Masses

The #1 question I get asked on this blog is “What’s your #1 piece of advice for a novice DIYer?”   I sort of hate that question because every situation is unique.

Is it “prime before you paint?”  Or “measure twice, cut once?”  Or “dull blades are dangerous?”  Or “make certain the breaker is really off?” Fact is, you’ll find lots of sites with lots of Top Ten lists for do-it-yourselfers.   Just read the first thing on the list, I guess.

My answer is usually to reject the question.  Or maybe it should be, “If you think that a #1 piece of advice is going to help you, then my #1 piece of advice would be to call a contractor.

But then I discovered something that was just too good not to share.   This is now my #1 Piece of Advice For The Novice DIYer:


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