Things could be worse. You could be this guy.

Just when I thought nothing could top this Construction From Hell story┬áthere’s a new contender. The moral to both stories is be there when the contractors arrive.

$680,000 home built on wrong lot in Flagler County

FLAGLER COUNTY — A couple from Missouri is waiting for answers after their $680,000 dream home was built on the wrong lot in Flagler County.

The home is in a gated community in the Ocean Hammock subdivision, accessible from the air or beach.

According to planning and zoning papers obtained by News 13, the home belongs to Mark and Brenda Voss and was built by Keystone Homes.

But county documents show the three-story home, which is valued at $680,000, was not built on the correct lot.

“It was built on (lot) 11. It was supposed to be built on 12. All three of our surveys shows it being on lot 12,” said Flagler County Chief Building Official Mark Boice.

Boice signed off on the construction, thinking Keystone Homes had all of its paperwork in order and the surveyor marked off the appropriate lot.

Documents show there were two separate surveyors on this project. It was the second surveyor who filled out the paperwork necessary for construction to begin after the first was let go.

However, the county does not know if the second surveyor picked up where the first left off or started a new survey.

Documents show the couple paid $160,000 for the lot their dream home was supposed to be built on. The lot the home was actually built on is now valued at $355,000 for the land only.

The Vosses did not return News 13’s calls. They did tell Boice they would do everything they could to try to resolve the problem.

To fix the error, the home may either have to be moved or Keystone Homes will have to negotiate with lot 11’s owners.

“As a builder, that’s your worst nightmare,” Boice said. “I mean, it just blew me away that a mistake like this could happen. Especially with two surveying companies on the job.”

News 13 has yet to receive returned calls from Keystone Homes on this issue.


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